Who Uses FTP? And is it Relevant to Your Business?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to transfer data between computers over an internet connection and remotely store files on an FTP server. Sure, there have been considerable advances in security and cloud-based file transfer services since 1971 when FTP was introduced. But, FTP as a way to store and transfer files is still used by a wide variety of industries and businesses.

Who Uses FTP Service

In some cases, FTP is used because the industry or governing body requires it. As the oldest protocol, FTP is a tried and trusted way of sending files. Businesses use this protocol to upload files to an FTP server where they are stored and can be downloaded and accessed later.

1. Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry rely on FTP to share architecture diagrams and components. FTP is the best way to send large files such as CAD or SketchUp diagrams that are common in the AEC industry. Construction and related fields that work with CAD diagrams and similar file types often rely on FTP due to its speed in transferring these large file types.

2. Transcriptions Services and Printing

FTP supports large file uploads and bulk file transfers. Transcription services and graphic designers find FTP to be ideal for their large print jobs. Printers rely on FTP when they have folders full of PFDs ready to download and print.

3. I.T. Consulting and Development

Web developers are another core group that uses and relies on FTP for uploading files. FTP is essential for building a website. It allows the web developer to move stuff from their computer to the server hosting the site they are working on. FTP is the main route to the FTP server where all the integral pieces of the website are stored.

4. Business Consulting & Financial

Accountants, consultants, and business owners doing their accounting and financials know that keeping logs is a critical requirement for running a compliant business. They need a good file structure in addition to granular permissions that FTP services can be configured to accommodate.

5. Media and Marketing Teams

Consider your local news agency. They need to send around the clock video data from their weather cams to an FTP server. The video plays on their website livestream and aires on the actual TV news broadcast. FTP facilitates all this video transfer with efficiency.

Why is FTP Important

FTP is fast. When searching the internet, you will find many references to FTP as the best for fast file transfer. From SmartFile to ExaVault, many companies are continuing to offer FTP services with secure FTP servers for file storage.

Security & Compliance

FTP sites can provide storage that helps businesses with their industry compliance. From things like GDPR compliance to comprehensive auditing and security controls to help you monitor your file shares. As we move forward, it is inevitable that regulations and compliance guidelines will evolve. New policies will emerge regarding how data is transferred and stored.

Does Your Business Need FTP

Your business may be able to use a simple online file transfer service, but FTP might be the option you really need.

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