Use Microsoft Edge to Add FTP Site as an Application on Your Start Menu

4 min readSep 9, 2021

Software is all about making it easier to do the things we need to do and making the things we want to do more engaging. After engaging with this post you’ll be able to make it easier to dive right in and open up your ExaVault account (or other application you want to have handy in the start menu) and get more done when you need to.

If you are using a Windows computer, the Microsoft web browser Edge is a great tool for browsing the internet. Edge delivers on the important browser elements for using websites (very fast response, low resource drain, very modern look, simple to use) and includes Windows specific features like Apps.

To show each step for this tutorial, we’re using ExaVault cloud FTP service as the example application for adding an “app” to your start menu.

Add an “App” to your Start Menu

The App feature available on Microsoft Edge (using version 90.0.818.66 when this blog was published) is a great option for any websites you frequently use and want to incorporate into your normal operating system workflow. Follow the steps below to add your ExaVault account to your Windows Start Menu as an Edge App.

1. Open MS Edge and login to your ExaVault account. You want to be on the …/files URL. For example:

2. On the MS Edge browser, select settings menu (…) from the browser and click on App, then click Install this site as an app.

3. Name your new app and select Install.

4. The new window that opens is your new ExaVault app view. Go back to your Edge browser window to view the Apps page. If it is not open, go back to the settings menu (…), select Apps, then select Manage apps.

5. On the Apps page, right-click on your newly created app and select Create shortcut…

6. Select the locations where you want a shortcut for this app to appear and click Pin.

7. Open the Start Menu and find the newly pinned app. It may be organized alphabetically by the app name you assigned or under a new folder labeled “Edge Apps”.

8. If you want to have your app shortcut appear as a large icon with your other favorite apps, right-click and select Pin to Start or click-and-drag to organize the desired position.

9. Now, you can simply click on your new app anytime you want to open your ExaVault account in the application view. You’ll be prompted to log in if your first time or your browser session was reset.

Works great for ExaVault and more!

Now you have a quick way to access the ExaVault server as if it was installed on your operating system. In addition, the app view removes unnecessary features from the browser (URL bar, favorites, navigation buttons); making the website experience similar to using an application.

With ExaVault’s drag-and-drop option for uploads, you can easily use the app view and a folder location on your local Windows machine to transfer files to your cloud storage.

Use the steps from this guide to set up your other favorite webpages as an App in MS Edge. This is a great option for any essential web-based tools that do not have an application available for download on your Windows machine.




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