Weighing the Benefits of SFTP as a Service

While it is possible to set up your own on-site FTP server, there are many advantages to using SFTP as a service. Going with hosted SFTP can offer benefits in terms of cost, usability, security, and file access.

Remote worker logging into sftp site on laptop.

How can you benefit from SFTP as a Service?

Any company that conducts business online or with the aid of computers to move data can benefit from a hosted SFTP service. SFTP solutions allow you to securely share files via SSH File Transfer Protocol plus the accessibility and features that keep your business moving forward.

Here are some of the advantages to using SFTP as a service.

  1. No Hardware Required
  2. Reduce Business Costs
  3. Accessibility
  4. Data Security
  5. Scalability
  6. Disaster Recovery & Compliance

No Hardware Required

SFTP as a service is turnkey. It requires you to do little other than sign up. Once you are signed up, all of the features of the SFTP site are immediately available to you.

You don’t need to use your own servers, utilities or data center infrastructure when you purchase SFTP as a service.

Signing Up for a Hosted SFTP Account.

After initial signup, your SFTP account should be ready for you use right away. Log in and start setting up additional users, change any preferences, start uploading files, organizing folders, and more. This is also a ideal time to speak with the support or review online documentation to You can learn more discover features that will help streamline your business file sharing processes.

Reduce Business Costs

Setting up and running an SFTP server comes with may upfront and ongoing costs. These costs may be prohibitive, especially as your business grows.

Funds would be needed to:

  • Provision the hardware.
  • Install an operating system.
  • Apply necessary patches.
  • Purchase a domain name and certificates.
  • Keep all systems up to date.
  • Maintain compliance with security requirements.

Having IT staff can also be a considerable drain on your budget. Company resources are needed whether it’s full-time employees or staff members with the knowledge and ability to assist when issues arise. SFTP as a service takes care of all the hardware, software, maintenance and support for you — all you have to do is set up your account.


From an accessibility standpoint, your team will benefit from SFTP as a service by having a single location to store business files. However, you maintain flexibility and control over access to your files. The mobility of hosted SFTP provides on-demand access to your documents and data at any time, from any device.

You also get access to a secure SFTP server that is maintained by professionals. Files are uploaded to the server and can be downloaded by anyone you’ve authorized with the right permissions. With centralized cloud storage, you don’t have to check multiple file locations or log into various accounts to transfer files.

Client using ExaVault’s sftp service on their laptop.

Data Security

In today’s evolving threat environment, security is not a trivial undertaking. You need to keep up to date on the most recent threats and security patches. You want your files to be protected and stored where there are modern intrusion detection systems and denial of service mitigations in place.

If you’re dealing with confidential or sensitive documents, data security can be a concern. Professional SFTP providers will offer several means of secure data transfer. SFTP file transfer options include requiring a username and password or setting up SSH keys.

You also need to make sure that your servers themselves are secure. For example, with ExaVault’s SFTP service, you’re backed by a 24/7 team of professionals who monitor and maintain the infrastructure. When you are paying for a service, it is the company’s job to provide a secure, easy-to-use service that meets clients’ needs. Otherwise, they won’t have any clients.


Companies that deal with massive amounts of business data need a reliable way to get their files and data from point A to point B. In hosting your own SFTP server, capacity can quickly become an issue. When you sign up for SFTP as a service, you’ll get built-in flexibility, and you can easily scale capacity as your business grows.

You can find hosted SFTP services that include unlimited users and make it easy to upgrade (or downgrade if necessary) as you need 1TB of storage or more.

Disaster Recovery & Compliance

Off-site disaster recovery and secure backups are another benefit of SFTP as a service. A robust backup and disaster recovery strategy means that your data will always be available and secure. Look for a provider who’s disaster recovery facility is physically separate from other locations and fully capable of taking over should that become necessary.

Compliance can be a daunting task for an individual, small business or any business to try and achieve on their own. With SFTP as a service, the service provider does all the work to get certified and maintain compliance.

In summary, if you aren’t familiar with SFTP as a service, it is more than just using an SFTP client. The service part of “SFTP as a Service” means peace of mind in terms of data security and compliance, ease of use when dealing with remote workers and clients, a resource for any help with technical issues regarding file transfers, and cost savings over hosting your own server.

Laptop on desk displaying logo for ExaVault SFTP service.

This article was originally published on the ExaVault Blog — SFTP as a Service: Benefits Explained.



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