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Engaging with customers online, across the country and all over the world is the norm these days. This means having secure file transfer methods in play is vital for any business to stay on top of their game.

Green gate with padlock and chain.
Green gate with padlock and chain.

Secure File Transfer Methods

Each and every file transfer — whether its customer orders, inventory data, client communications, or product documentation — needs to protect the data being transferred.

One way to ensure you are protecting customer data is to look for security features designed to protect from and avoid man-in-the-middle attacks. This type of attack is similar to eavesdropping on a conversation. The possibility that…

In the world of FTP and SFTP, there are a lot of idiosyncrasies that can be confusing to even the most seasoned user.

There are a number of different ways FTP can be encrypted, not to mention how it connects in the first place. One thing we haven’t covered is the differences between Active vs Passive for FTP connections.

Active FTP vs. Passive FTP

To begin, Active and Passive are two modes for connection via FTP. These two modes work slightly differently, but both have full functionality. When FTP was invented, Active mode was the only option. As time went on, Passive mode was added into FTP to accommodate certain needs which, we’ll get into that a bit later.

When an FTP connection is initiated, it begins with…

Here’s how you can do this by Importing SSH Keys in WinSCP.

Maybe you’re particularly security-minded, or you have an automated script and want to avoid storing the password inside the script. In either case, SSH keys are a vital part of the process, allowing you to both secure and automate data transfers via SFTP connections.

Use SSH keys for security with passwordless login.
Use SSH keys for security with passwordless login.

In this post, we’ll walk you through getting your SSH key imported into WinSCP, a popular FTP client that can be used for manual SFTP connections as well as automated SFTP connections through WinSCP scripting.

At ExaVault we support passwordless logins through the use of SSH keys in SFTP connections. …

Using data in a cloud-based SFTP SaaS location can provide companies a secure method for remote work while removing the setup and maintenance required in locally stored business data.

What Is Cloud-Based SFTP SaaS?

Let’s break it down:

  • When storage is cloud-based, your information is stored in data centers (not locally) — making a ‘cloud’ of data that can be accessed from anywhere using the internet.
  • SSH file transfer protocol (or SFTP) is the leading standard for secure data transfer between a computer and a remote location, such as secure cloud-based storage.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) is a hosted application provided by another company…

What can you do with an API? Well, an API lets you set up calls that make actions happen without the need for a person to be directly involved in the process.

The API, or application programming interface, allows software and other applications to interact and provide responses.

An API lets computers and systems interact.
An API lets computers and systems interact.

Some use cases for the API based on common functions include using the API for automation, user maintenance, and file or folder maintenance. API use in for each of these types can streamline your processes and help keep things up to date.

API and Automation

Automate routine file transfer activities like move, import, and copy…

Some tools can be both simple and complex. Many software programs are easy to use yet offer advanced functionality to cover a wide range of uses.

FTP clients allow you to quickly and easily transfer large files. But they can do much more. Here’s a look at the FileZilla FTP client and some of the additional features you may find useful.

Two people working on laptop.
Two people working on laptop.

FileZilla Advanced Features

FileZilla is a well known FTP client. It is popular for both Mac and Windows users. …

FTP not only transfers files from one system to another. With FTP, you also get a form of data management. The best place to get started is with our FTP commands list.

Download & share our pocket reference FTP Commands List.
Available Here >>

The Power of FTP Commands

Use FTP commands to manage data by locating files, deleting unneeded documents, and transferring data to clients and associates at remote locations. Transferring large files in no problem with FTP. Manage files individually, or use file transfer protocol to move multiple files between your computer and an FTP server. …

Most businesses have data that needs to be stored in an easily accessible location. For decades, on-site storage was the gold standard; a network drive mapped to every machine or FTP credentials for every employee and client to log into a self-hosted server.

Today, a better alternative is going with a cloud FTP solution.

Modern Problems. Modern Solutions.

Times have changed, both for people connecting and retrieving files from servers and for the IT folks running those servers. Clients expect software to be easy to use, with features that go above and beyond what’s possible with out-of-the-box FTP storage.

Why Opt for a Cloud FTP Solution?

Cloud FTP is the modern…

One often overlooked element when using file transfer protocol is the FTP port. Your client software may automatically connect via the correct ports based on the protocol chosen.

Successful file transfers can only happen when the correct ports are open.

What Are Ports?

In terms of FTP, ports are communication endpoints. Ports allow the connection and transfer of data to happen between your computer and a server.

To connect to a specific server, you need to know that server’s IP address. …

An effective way to collect and manage data can have a considerable impact on your business’ ability to function. Connecting with an FTP server online is a simple and cost-effective solution.

What Is an Online FTP Server?

An FTP server is a dedicated space where you can store or transfer files. Think of it as a virtual filing cabinet. Using an FTP server online empowers you to take a file that’s on your computer, store it online, and share it with other people or systems anywhere in the world on demand.

The difference between an offline and online FTP server is whether or not your server…

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