9 Essential FTP and File Sharing Features for Business

7 min readJul 7, 2021


Don’t remain stuck with a file sharing solution that doesn’t meet your needs just because you’ve been using it for years.

FTP and the ability to quickly and securely send large files are just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve compiled a list of file sharing features designed for businesses.

  1. Security & Compliance
  2. SFTP & SSL
  3. Mobile-Friendly Access
  4. Comprehensive Auditing
  5. Custom Branding
  6. Unlimited Bandwidth
  7. Receive Files From Clients
  8. Engineering Support
  9. Real-Time Notifications

Plus, a look at Enterprise FTP which can offer an organization high capacity storage and premium support.

File Sharing Features

It’s time to make file sharing work for you. Finding the right features and functionality that work for your business can deliver more than just quick file uploads.

Businesses need features that are intuitive and easy to use. They also need features that instill trust in the security and storage of their data. Trust can come in the form of compliance with regulations, security features, reporting, and knowledgeable support staff.

Let’s review some essential FTP and file sharing features businesses find invaluable.

1. Security and Compliance

Security, Security, Security — it’s not just a hot topic right now. Data security is a core feature that everyone depends on when sharing information online. The internet connects the whole world. Today we have many levels of data security for online transactions and file storage.

But how can you know your data is secure?

First, many things can increase the security of your data when stored and shared online. Read about data security and the four levels that secure your file shares with ExaVault.

Businesses rely on all four levels of data security when using FTP and storing files.

  1. Data security at the account level.
  2. Data security at the data level.
  3. Data security at the server level.
  4. Data security at the physical level.

Knowing how your files sharing service operates within the various levels of data security is important.

Many FTP and business file sharing companies, like ExaVault, offer enterprise-grade security. In most cases, enterprise-grade security means data security is priority number one.

Features of enterprise-grade security include:

A huge business benefit is having additional security options available to implement for the account globally.

Such as:

  • IP address restrictions
  • Secure connections with SFTP
  • Password protection and complex password enforcement
  • Immutable audit logs


FTP is the oldest protocol for sending files. Another essential feature of business file sharing is having the speed and ability to send large files that FTP provides, along with added security features like encryption.

We’re talking about SFTP and SSL.

SFTP is a secure protocol for transferring files. SFTP is functionally similar to FTP but requires authentication by the server. The data transfer takes place over a secure channel. The SFTP file transfer process is more secure because the connection is encrypted.

When choosing a file transfer service, it is common for businesses to look for SSL encryption. Using SSL or the Secure Sockets Layer establishes encrypted links between a browser where you are uploading or downloading your files and a web server.

3. Mobile-Friendly Access

How do you stay connected? When you need to send a file or review a business document mobile access is a must. Having a file sharing service that allows access via any device and any platform gives your business more flexibility. This is especially true as more companies are maintaining remote work options for their employees.

A web-based interface that lets businesses connect to the FTP server and transfer files with one click saves time. It’s another feature essential to modern cloud file sharing.

4. Comprehensive Auditing

Businesses come to rely more and more on reporting for daily activities. Comprehensive auditing allows businesses to be in control of their file shares.

A smart file sharing solution will include usage statistics, activity logs, and detailed reporting options. Sometimes all you need is to see your account activity at a glance. Other times, it is beneficial to have access to more detailed reports. Reports can provide information to help manage projects, users, and other business aspects.

One-click to quickly export logs to CSV is another valuable tool. Then, store the reports for as long as required to meet any regulatory requirements for your industry.

5. Custom Branding

Custom branding options are the perfect feature to make sure your name and logo are what clients see when uploading or downloading files to your account.

Popular custom branding options for business file sharing include:

  • Displaying your company name and logo.
  • Changing the color theme to match your brand or colors.
  • Customizing emails sent from the file sharing service — send emails with the look and feel of your brand plus a “from” address of your choice.
  • Adding your URL for a custom domain.

The benefit of custom branding is the feeling of trust your customers will have when dealing with your company. No third-party or vendor logos getting in the way.

6. Unlimited Bandwidth

Video files, audio, and large images require a lot of bandwidth. Using FTP to send large files only works if you have the bandwidth to support it. Having a file sharing solution that offers enough bandwidth for your usage is one of the top features businesses look for. If your FTP solution includes plans unlimited bandwidth, there should be no additional charges for sending large files or videos.

7. Receive Files from Clients Online

Receiving files is just as important as having the ability to send them. For businesses, receiving files from clients is essential. You’ll want a simple receive files feature that makes uploading files easy for anyone.

Receive folders and upload forms do just that. Set up a new folder to receive files into and create a link or customized form that you can share with clients or embed directly onto your website. Clients fill out any required information, attach their files, and submit. The files will automatically upload to the desired folder in your account.

8. Engineering Support

Slow download speeds. Trouble connecting to FTP. An error message that doesn’t make sense.

Who do you contact when you need support for a technical issue?

No one wants to waste time during their busy workday emailing or talking to customer service representatives and see no resolution in sight. That is why modern businesses find engineering support an essential feature in their FTP and file sharing solution.

There are a variety of ways to access support. Email, phone, online communities, and support libraries. Live chat is another popular support channel that makes it easy to connect and get help.

What makes engineering support so amazing?

In the file-sharing world, engineering support refers to getting direct access to the product engineers when needed. Sometimes this feature is referred to as developer access. Either way, having advanced support available is essential because you know you’ll get answers to the most challenging technical issues — should such an issue ever arise.

9. Real-Time Notifications

Stay on top of your business file transfers with email notifications. Once you customize your notifications, this will be one essential file sharing feature you won’t know how you lived without.

Get alerts about account activity. Depending on the service, there are many options for notifications. Email alerts can notify you of activity by specific users or activity in specific folders. Businesses find real-time notifications invaluable as a tool to keep workflow efficient and transparent.

10. Bonus Feature: Enterprise FTP

Today more businesses are looking for an Enterprise FTP file sharing solution. Their solution needs to include mission-critical features, like the following:

  • High capacity storage
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • Enhanced custom branding options
  • Premium/unlimited features
  • SLAs — service level agreements
  • Dedicated account manager

Enterprise features are designed with large businesses and organizations in mind. High-capacity storage often includes 1TB plus of storage space. A dedicated account manager provides a single point of contact for all your account questions. Yes, you still get the engineering support for tough issues (if that is a feature offered by your solution provider).

The Bottom Line:

If your FTP and file sharing solution doesn’t offer these features, you may want to shop around. There are many other great file sharing features tailored to specific industries that you may need. Now’s the chance to find something that works great and works for you.

Isn’t it time you got all the file sharing features you deserve? Try ExaVault today!




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