Go for the Gold With Enterprise FTP

Enterprise FTP — The Right Solution For Your Business

Who doesn’t love additional perks, dedicated service staff and more of just about everything? Enterprise FTP is top tier file transfer solution for business.

Definition of enterprise:

A unit of economic organization or activity, especially a business organization.


With so many options for business file transfer and secure FTP services, here are 10 reasons to level up and choose an Enterprise FTP account for your business.

1. Enterprise FTP Is Built for Business

With Enterprise FTP you get all the standard features offered for a business FTP and file sharing account. This is important as FTP can be a mission-critical component of your organization’s daily workflow.

Enterprise-level accounts are designed with businesses in mind — from security to documentation and powerful web interfaces. Enterprise plans provide additional top-tier features, support agreements, account management services, and custom options.

Enterprise FTP means more than just direct connections via FTP, SFTP or FTP-SSL. Many companies offer fully hosted Enterprise FTP solutions. Now may be the time to review your file transfer service and upgrade to enterprise.

2. Dedicated Support for Enterprise Accounts

Dedicated support means an account manager dedicated to making sure your files transfer smoothly from upload to download.

Your business shouldn’t have to handle the tough FTP technical issues. Enterprise FTP accounts offer first-class support for technical issues. Whether it’s on-call support available 24/7, or direct access to the product engineers, you’ll be covered.

Dedicated support staff with headset.

Account management services are essential for businesses. Having a support agreement with your file sharing provider means you know how to get support if the need arises. Direct access to engineering and integration specialists for dev questions can save you time and headache if you don’t have the I.T. staff for troubleshooting.

Specific support needs are no problem. At ExaVault, an enterprise account comes with a “Dedicated Enterprise Account Success Manager.” No matter what they are called, a dedicated account manager is your single point of contact for all your support needs.

3. Service Level Agreement

To comply with additional terms and regulations your organization may need to select enterprise-level services and software. Make sure your business is getting the quality file sharing solution you need with a service-level agreement (SLA).

Get a commitment from your FTP provider with an SLA. A service-level agreement should come standard with an Enterprise FTP account. These agreements are a way to define and agree on the services your business will receive. With file sharing, SLAs include aspects of the availability and quality of the service, as well as specific responsibilities of the provider. Guaranteed uptime, storage space, and transfer speed can all be outlined in the agreement for high-level Enterprise FTP contracts .

4. High Capacity Storage

Large and even medium-sized businesses benefit from high capacity storage. Enterprise FTP is where you get the most online storage plus all the benefits. I’ve seen companies starting off with 1TB+ of storage for enterprise accounts.

Four terabytes of data.

Your company can get a custom plan with up to 4TB+ of online storage depending on the FTP service provider. Customize a plan scaled for your business to get the amount of secure file storage you need.

5. Unlimited File Transfers

Securely transfer as much data as your business needs to. No limits, no extra fees. Business documents, contracts, photos, blueprints and more. This important feature allows your business to keep the workflow on track. Upload one file to your Enterprise FTP account and let 100 clients or employees download it without having to worry about the traffic from those downloads causing any interruptions.

6. Minimum Transfer Speed

Data transfer speed is another area where going enterprise provides the best for business.

Enterprise FTP speed logo

Get the most of out file transfers with your Enterprise FTP account when you are guaranteed a minimum speed. For example, you may see 200KB/sec+ minimum speed for file transfers with an enterprise account. If the number fits your needs, make sure it’s part of your service agreement.

7. Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred over a period of time. This time period is usually measured in units per second since you want fast file transfers. With unlimited bandwidth, you won’t have to worry about large file transfers slowing you down.

8. Custom Branding

Being able to customize your file sharing service is a must for many businesses to be competitive in the online market. Custom logo and colors are the basics.

Enterprise FTP accounts often offer additional branded file sharing options like a custom domain. Show your clients your brand only. Change the URL of your file transfer site and integrate the service directly onto your website. This is branded file sharing designed for businesses.

9. Unlimited Users

Why stop at unlimited file transfers and bandwidth? Access to unlimited users for your account is another key benefit. Enterprise and business file transfer accounts are constantly sharing folders and uploading new files and documents.

Sample of user types and permissions for their roles.

From employees and contractors to clients and other associates, it’s however many users you need. Don’t stop there, set permissions for each of your users. You decide who can upload, download, delete, and access which files and folders.

10. Enterprise-Grade Security

Though enterprise-grade security is becoming more the norm in the file transfer world, it is an expectation for businesses when looking for hosted FTP. Enterprise-grade security protects your data and your company. Network and FTP server infrastructure should be fully redundant. Immutable logs for every account transaction improve control.

A file sharing service that offers enterprise-grade security understands that data protection should be a priority. Look for enterprise-grade security to include specific security features you can enable to help limit access to only the parties or individuals you authorize.

List of customer and user security options for Enterprise FTP accounts.

Additionally, a strong terms of service and data privacy policy with customization available for enterprise clients can be essential for many organizations.

Built for Your Business

We’ve laid out the top benefits of going with Enterprise FTP for your business file sharing and storage solution. Being business-oriented from the beginning to top-level support — your business will benefit from the high capacity storage and fast transfers.

Looking to take your business enterprise? There are plans for Enterprise FTP storage with ExaVault starting at 1TB.

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